The Nephrology Social Media Collective (NSMC) internship was established in 2015 with the goal of training doctors to effectively harness social media in order to be leaders in medicine. The ability to define your personal online identity is a core competency of the future. The NSMC internship gives you modern communication skills that are not taught in medical school, residency, or fellowship. A initiative.

The application for NSMC internship is now open. NSMC means awesome experience, great mentors, wonderful team, and excellent opportunity. Still not excited to join, i will share my story with you to heat things up…

I joined NSMC in January 2018. After joining, i was mentored by Edgar Lerma and Nikhil Shah, i wrote 2 posts in the renalfellownetwork about how to organize your pdf scientific library, and another about vascular access in elderly arguing against fistula first in elderly population.

Then, i came to the best part in the NSMC internship which is NephMadness. We, me and my co-interns, initiated the Nephmadness Choosing Wisely Campaign #NCWC, to help competitors in their brackets choices. That was really a team work, which added much to the Madness fun, and generated awesome feedback (moments of all posts here). For the Campaign to launch, we learnt how to handle @wordpress through The NSMC Internship blog.

After this Madness, we started the #NephJC part, writing summaries for Nephjc discussions, joining the discussions and integrating with audience, hosting discussions, creating visula abstracts. I wrote the summary for The CKD-WIT trial. I created the visual abstract for it too.

I also created other visual abstracts like this:

After having so much fun with the internship, i was nominated for the #NephJCKidneys Rookie of the year award, and OMG, i won!

After finishing the internship, regrettably i was not able to attend the graduation party @Kidneyweek, but i joined Nephjc crew as a faculty. It is still an ongoing learning experience for me. I started my own blog “nephrology in practice”. I shared my mentors and co-interns and new interns in writing reviews. I also learned how to use squarespacce to add more indexing to the nephjc site.

Final thoughts, don’t miss the chance to apply for NSMC while you still can! Go ahead and submit your application now!

Mohamed Elrggal, MD
NSMC Faculty

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